Iceni Moon

Crystal Healing

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Crystal Therapy is a complimentary therapy method that provides a safe, supportive medium for healing and spiritual growth.

Crystals for healing are wonderful tools to promote relaxation, relief from stress, anxiety and tension and a healing session gives you an opportunity to unwind and enjoy a little “me” time

As masters of our own healing, a session will be intuitively focused around any health or emotional issues that you may wish to work with while being guided by your soul to promote balance and well being.

A one to one session lasts around 45 minutes with time allowed for initial consultation.

As crystal therapy works at the level of the soul to balance the energy system of the human form, crystals will be applied in a variety of techniques and placements to facilitate optimal healing and promote the flow of vital life force. The techniques I use include –

Chakra Balancing, Alignment of the Subtle Anatomy, Chakra Cord Clearance, Hara Line Activation, Divine Core Activation, Communication System Alignment, Polarization, Spin Point Activation, Etheric Body Upgrade, Clearance of Emotional Wounds, Chakra Resonance.

I encourage active participation during a healing session where appropriate through the medium of visualisation, meditation and the relating of information with regards the direction of healing given in order to give you the tools and understanding to master your own health and wellbeing.

For healing in Norfolk, contact Edris to enjoy a wonderful opportunity to relax with a Crystal Therapy session.





Crystal Therapy is not an alternative to seeking professional medical advice. It is a complimentary therapy which promotes and assists the healing process, improves well being and assists in the development of spiritual growth. You should always seek the advice of a medical professional in the event of acute or infectious conditions or in the event of an urgent nature.


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