Iceni Moon

Spiritual Healing

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I am an accredited and fully insured Spiritual Healer with the Norfolk Healers Association and I offer this therapy to assist in your growth, healing and well being.

Hands on healing is a natural, gentle and non-invasive therapy that does not involve ritual, manipulation or removal of clothes and it has been practised for many long years.  It is a supportive healing modality, assisting you in your journey to find balance of mind, body and spirit. It can help with many ailments and imbalances of both a physical and emotional nature whilst allowing you time to relax and simply be.

As a spiritual healer, I attune to the Universal energy that surrounds us all, acting as a channel for which healing energy may flow through me to you, the recipient.

In no way is healing a substitute for professional medical care – I would always advise you to seek the advice of your medical doctor should you be concerned about your health or wellbeing. Healing is complimentary to the care you receive from qualified medical practitioners and can support you in your treatment and recovery.

As a member of the Norfolk Healers Association I am bound by their strict Code of Conduct and endeavour to provide a professional, sensitive healing session tailored to your needs and requirements.

For further details please feel free to contact me.



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