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Animal Healing

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Because pets need healing too!

Healing for Animals is a hands-on healing method to support your pets in their time of need. The holistic healing approach is not only for humans but can be of great benefit to the pets that share your life.

I am passionate about animals and have been since early childhood. I spent my youth living and breathing horses and have worked with both domestic and wild horses and ponies as an adult, exercising and bringing on youngsters and working with wild Koniks and Dartmoor ponies used in Conservation Grazing. I have also shared my life with an array of wonderful animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, hamsters and fish and I currently live with three very active Border Collies. I have found Animal Healing to be of benefit to my own wards, particularly those with arthritis and anxiety issues and I now offer fully certificated and insured Animal Healing in Norfolk to help you to help your much loved pets.


What is Animal Healing?

  • Animal healing works within the realm of holistic (“wholisitc”) healing and seeks to provide support, comfort and relaxation to the whole being rather than treating the symptom alone.
  • It is an energy based system whereby the healer acts as a channel for universal energy to flow to the client (the healer is not using their own life force to give healing).
  • We are all made of energy – we have an atomic structure and we vibrate at a particular frequency of resonance – animals, humans, plants…. By opening ourselves to the universal energy that surrounds us we can seek to restore balance and harmony when our energetic system has been thrown off course, thus resulting in physical symptoms. This can happen during transitional periods in life, trauma, times of stress or environmental factors.


What can you expect from a Healing Session?

  • Always allow up to two hours for the first session and around one to two hours for subsequent sessions.Tori - Animal Healing
  • I always allow the animal to set the rhythm of each session so no two sessions will be the same.
  • Animal Healing is a non- invasive energy based system of healing and so I work by lightly placing my hands in a series of positions, intuitively guided to go where the animal most requires healing.
  • As I respect the individual needs of each client, a healing session is structured by the needs of the animal – they know what they need and so I remain responsive to their signals, informing me that they have received enough or wish for healing to move to a new area.
  • Located in Norfolk, I work within Norfolk and Suffolk, travelling to you, ensuring that your pet remains as comfortable as possible in familiar surroundings throughout their treatment (if you live further afield, I am happy to travel further following agreed terms of travel expenses – no pet should suffer unnecessarily by imposed limitations of distance).


How can Animal Healing help your pet?

  • Like us, animals can be susceptible to a host of physical and emotional health issues and they are equally responsive and entitled to the best quality care and attention to ensure their optimal health and recovery.
  • As animal healing is an energy based method, healing can focus on the deeper, underlying issues that may be contributing to compromised health in your pet, therefore supporting your pets health care plan on the road to recovery and wellness.
  • Animal healing can assist with behavioural issues, rehabilitation, emotional and mental issues, physical ailments and it is safe for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits, Hamsters, Mice, Lizards, Snakes and even fish…… name but a few and is also highly beneficial for livestock and wildlife.
  • There are no contra-indications as energetic healing acts only for your pets highest good so they take what they need from each session.


What about Veterinary Care?

  • First and foremost, Animal Healing is NOT a substitute for professional veterinary care nor is it a preventative measure for any future illness. If you are at all concerned about the health of your pet I strongly recommend seeking the advice of a vet.
  • I also work within the framework of the Veterinary Act 1966 and endeavour to uphold professional standards at all times – where necessary I will contact your vet to inform them that I shall be giving healing to an animal under their care for the conditions as stated by you.
  • Animal Healing does not involve hands on manipulation nor the prescribing of veterinary medication, nor does it interfere with the treatment of the animals veterinarian or other medical professional.  Professional Veterinary Care is of the highest priority, animal healing is a method to support the best care possible for your pet, in no way is it an alternative.


Chloe healingIf you are interested in Animal Healing and how it may be able to help you and your pets or if you have any questions please do contact me, I’d love to hear from you and to assist you and you animal companions.



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