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Esoteric Topics

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Esoteric Psychology Volume 1 by Alice Bailey

Not for the fainthearted but within its pages is a wealth of knowledge introducing the concept of the Seven Rays and the evolution of consciousness. First published in 1936 this is a book that is of significant relevance at this time in our evolution. There are a further four volumes following on from this, includingVol 2 Esoteric Psychology, Vol 3 Esoteric Astrology, Vol 4 Esoteric Healing, Vol 5 The Rays and the initiations.


A New Light on Ascension by Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper writes on subjects that can at times be challenging to digest and yet she presents the subject of Ascension in an approachable and clear format, making the concept of raising our vibration to the level of light (the Ascension Process) much easier to digest. Clear, well thought out exercises and guidance on beginning our journey toward Ascension are incorporated throughout the text making it an informative yet interactive book.

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