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Here I Am, a daughter of the Earth, my love of nature and the environment having greatly shaped me. I have a life-long reverence for this sacred earth, combined with a curiosity to understand the mysterious and the tangible. I have been drawn out of personal interest and growth to pursue the study of various esoteric and “New Age” topics along with honouring a family heritage of women who were gifted with foresight and intrigue of the sacred mysteries.

My path has led me to follow many passions in order to express what the soul has to offer and I am a great believer in pursuing life long learning in order to actualize ones potential.

I have worked in the presence of horses, those most graceful and powerful of beings; teachers of compassion and patience. I have also been blessed to work within nature, shaping the land for future generations through the conservation of vulnerable habitats in danger of disappearing through the reproachful actions of land reclamation and urbanisation. Upon the barren saltmarshes and windswept heathland I have heard the lamentation of a land smothered and crying to be freed from the chains of domestication.

In my early childhood, an encounter with an old, well worn book of fortune telling, tucked quietly away in a draw, introduced me to the concept of crystals for healing and growth along with igniting a hunger to understand the many varied and intriguing topics of esotericism including Tarot, Palm Reading, Numerology and Astrology to name a few of its topics. This curiosity has remained with me, throughout my youth and into the realm of adulthood. In particular I have felt pulled towards studying and working with crystals.

What more can I say? I really love Crystals. If for no other reason than simply for their sheer beauty. But it is something more than simply for their aesthetic value. They call out to me, and sing to my heart. Through a time of upheaval and trauma, crystals made themselves known to me and I found solace and comfort in their presence. Something about them soothed my soul and triggered the path that I have walked ever since.

To me they are great teachers. Showing us how to fully embrace ourselves, take charge of our choices and be the masters of our own health and wellbeing. Crystals undergo extreme circumstances and conditions and they weather it all, transforming and birthing the most fabulous array of diversity, colour and structure even when subjected to the harshest and most fickle of environments.

Finding new paths opening up to me, I felt drawn to study Crystals further in order to better understand how to work with them and so I completed both the Level One and Level Two in Soul Centred Crystal Therapy with Lisa Cooley from Crystal Dimensions Energy School whilst also obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Crystal Healing from the BSY Complementary Therapy College

Following this I felt compelled to honour my love of animals and so I studied Animal Healing and Animal Communication with Niki Senior. Animals have always played an important part in my life and I have always been intrinsically aware of their depth of wisdom if we will take but a moment to still our minds and connect, heart to heart.

I am a member of the Norfolk Healers Association, regularly attending group meetings to develop personally and to undertake their accredited Healer Training. We all have a responsibility to our health and wellbeing and to understanding that we have it within us to tap into the infinite source of energy available to assist us in our healing and development.

I was born in Norfolk – the land of the Iceni. That most beautiful of counties which, contrary to popular belief is surprisingly far from being flat! I am an aspiring musician, learning both the piano and flute and I am a crafter with words, taking great joy in writing about the world and how it inspires me. My sister site is Iceni Woman should you wish to visit. I am also an avid bookworm and a lover of good company and wholesome food, loving nothing more than enjoying the warmth of a fire amidst my friends and family.

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